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The Indian cuisine is as diverse as its culture,language, regions and its climate. Aromatic spices are the essence of Indian cuisine. Each region of India has its own unique dishes and variations to popular dishes.

Here at City Indian Cuisine our menu has been designed to take you through a culinary voyage of the best the regions has to offer.

City Indian Cuisine

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Taste Punjabi Food

Paratha, an Indian staple available in almost every Indian home, is a think, soft and flaky flatbread that people enjoy in breakfast, lunch and even dinner. A plain paratha is made from whole wheat flour that’s formed into a dough, which is prepared using oil/ghee, salt and water. This dough is further rolled into a thin layer and properly cooked on a hot tawa or griddle with ghee/oil until both sides turn golden brown.


We Serve Indian Food

City Indian Cuisine, which means “Indian Food Restaurant”, is just that – a compilation of lively dining experiences. City Indian Cuisine celebrates the best of Indian dishes with welcoming hospitality and service. Seasonal changes guide the menu of scratch-made Roti, Daal made in-house daily, Snakes, Lassi, Juice and more. for more detail please check our menu



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